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Who are we…

John & Shelly Weis are the founding contributors of Lakeland Fitness & Golf. This interview will provide you with a brief overview of us…

Q. Why are you building this facility in the Northwoods?

A. We wanted to give something back to the community that enhances the quality of life to all area residents.

Q. What demographics was the facility designed to attract?

A. It was designed to support various demographics with multiple desires; fitness, golf, classes, walking/running, personal training, meeting people for both year-round residence as well as those who vacation and spend a portion of their time in the Northwoods.

Q. Tell us about you, what inspired you?

A. It’s all about giving back to the Northwoods and creating an opportunity change the lives of people in our community.

Q. Where is home?

A. We were both born in Central Wisconsin, but we’ve lived in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kansas City and Appleton, WI. But we have never been home until 5 years ago when we planted our roots here in the Northwoods and truly realized our life’s mission was to be part of this community. Strength within, Community Pride Throughout.

Q. What’s your philosophy for the club?

A. Customer first, this is a facility for the members, and we are here to make this a sense of pride for the community. This is our club (the community), designed with community first mentality.

Q. What does the future hold?

A. If we could answer that, we’d live in Las Vegas. Our goal is to climb the second mountain and be more involved in the community and promoting the values that exist in the Northwoods.

Our Team